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The importance of Sound Design for Restaurants

Rob Rogers - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Came across this article today from Restaurant Development + Design that stresses the importance of considering sound during the design phase for new restaurants. Sound plays a very important role in creating an atmosphere. The atmosphere factors into a customer's perception of your brand. All business owners should consider implications of sound design during the planning phase of a new construction or remodel. For restaurants, it is a paramount concern. 

From the article:

10 Factors that Affect Acoustical Design

  • Sound frequencies
  • Sound sources
  • Volatility of noise in space
  • Horizontal layout of space
  • Ceiling height
  • Volume of space
  • Equipment in use within the space
  • Outdoor sound issues
  • Architectural materials
  • Fabrics and finishes
Click to read the full article on restaurant sound design. To learn more about how sound design professionals can help with your next project, call us at 800-893-7555 or contact us online.