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Communications at your Fingertips... 


In the 1990's, our goal was to design audio and video systems which could be integrated together so as to become one tool for communication. Systems such as these have now become the key components in communications. In the 2000's, we've widened the scope of our vision of the use and productivity of these types of systems. It's a direction and a long-term goal we call "Communications at your Fingertips".


If the theme for audio and video systems was "better communications", then the theme for "Communications at your Fingertips" is "flexibility and accessibility". This means making audio and video systems the indispensable tools people instinctively reach for when they need to communicate.


This represents a challenge not only for AVD but to the entire communications industry. To meet this challenge, we must go beyond developing systems that include more than more flexibility and higher quality. We need to make audio and video systems so compelling a communications tool that they entice people to explore the many ways they can help them communicate easier and better. We want people to use these tools not because they have to, but because they want to.


The driving vision for hardware and system designs must be to make audio and video systems easier to use for a multitude of functions. "Communications at your Fingertips" means communications in the broadest possible sense - anything from providing audio/video systems for a small classroom to full-scale audio and video productions.


To do this we need to help people harness all the power of these communications systems. People should easily be able to produce and communicate messages to the audience. To make tasks like these easier, we need to think about how people work, how they think, and what they need to work more efficiently. We also need to connect them to their work so well that using audio and video systems is as easy and natural as picking up a pen or a phone.


"Communications at your Fingertips" encompasses everything AVD has done in the past and everything we plan to do in the future. In the early 1990's, we worked to design and install higher quality systems at a low cost, which increased our client's access to audio and video systems, opened the doors to productivity, and paved the way for better communications.


The mid-'90s saw the introduction of systems that allow us to access mass communications networks at a low cost. In the 2000's, we're poised to bring all these pieces together to create uniquely powerful communications systems.


"Communications at your Fingertips" ultimately means audio and video systems can become your most accessible and interesting communications tool to reach across the room or around the world! No one company can implement this vision alone, and we plan to work diligently with other professionals to deliver the technology that will make this vision a reality.


AVD Audio\Video Designs, Inc.

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