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Architectural Acoustics

Most of the calculations that acousticians perform on a day-to-day basis are based on empirical formulae traditionally done by hand. However, we have a number of purchased and in-house developed software programs that can greatly speed up these calculations. Since we do not charge an extra fee for the use of these programs, this provides our clients with a greater value for a given project budget. Some of these programs also have the added value of providing fabulous graphics and other outputs for public display. AVD offers qualified technical repair services and preventative maintenance contracts on all types of communication and entertainment systems.

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord


Communication is the key to translating the church's goals and requirements into a functional worship space. Budgeting and design go hand in hand; our systems are designed with flexibility and accessibility.


Clear, smooth, even sound throughout the listening areas, visual atmospheres and effects that meet the various needs of your congregation, and bright, clear images convey the message. Total Systems Integration… We Call It Communications At Your Fingertips.

Music and Drama Theater Acoustics

The acoustical characteristics of a venue for the live performance of music or drama are an important part of the audience experience. For music performance, the room becomes part of the instrument, helping define the character of the musical sound that the audience hears.

Sports and Recreation Facility Acoustics

The importance of acoustical design in very large buildings such as arenas, pools, and field houses can't be overstated. Whether it's 20,000 seat arenas, or 500 seat school gymnasiums, the control of reverberation time is important to maintain both speech intelligibility and background noise control.


Whether a corporate meeting is local or has participants and presenters from remote locations around the world, AVD provides solutions to communicate and present the content needed for world-class corporate communication. AVD addresses the needs of facility managers and IT directors seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network. Whether it's a single room or the entire building, across a campus or a global network, AVD solutions simplify the use of audio and video devices in a corporate



AVD consultants work together to build reliable, state-of-the-art systems with fully integrated courtrooms. Trust AVD when professional sound, lighting, video, and control are paramount to the success of your venture.

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